COVID-19 and You: Wash Your Hands

Hand washing with SOAP is the best defense from COVID-19. Yes, social distancing is highly important, but since we cannot distance ourselves forever, hand washing is the next-best thing to immunity.

Hand sanitizer is not a replacement for hand washing. You wouldn’t slather lotion all over your body after working outside in place of a shower, right? Of course, there are situations and circumstances that warrant a pseudo bath in lieu of the real thing, but here we are talking about washing your hands to protect against not only COVID-19 but also other preventable diseases.¬†

Hand washing has been around for centuries as part of religious ceremonies, but the medical community’s awareness of disease spread by hand and the importance of hand washing has only been in place for the last 130 years. So, I may ask, why are we just now pushing hand washing? As far back as I can remember hand washing has been a part of daily life, regular, with a bar of soap, hand washing. Not sure when society deemed hand washing taboo, but I for one am a strong advocate for clean hands = healthy body.

On a regular day, hands are probably washed on average about 20 times a day, at least that is the minimum amount for me (mom of 3, wife, cook, soapmaker, farmer, veterinarian, maid, personal shopper, handyman, human, etc.). Hand washing can be very drying to the skin, which is why it is important to take care in choosing a soap that will not dry your skin but will enrich your skin as well as cleanse it.

Because hand washing, proper hand washing that is, will be your best defense against COVID-19 we have provided a comprehensive, but easy to understand guide on how to wash your hands effectively:

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