What About Me

Soap Maker, Esq.


A small company with LARGE goals! That is how we describe it. Attorney turned soap-maker, Heather Aponte, is the creative being behind Let’s Do Hemp’s all-natural products. Soap making was not Heather’s first love, but it has quickly climbed the charts and become number 1! Of course there are other “Number 1’s” such as Heather’s husband and #1 supporter, Tony, and Heather’s daughters: Trinity, Tristyn, and Sofia, all of whom help in the soap-making process in one form or another from choosing scents to being inspirations for new soap lines to being soap testers.


There is a lot more to life than suits, court, and clients. I found that out the hard way. I loved my job as an attorney and my role in life as an attorney; however, in the summer of 2019 a new passion sprang forth…soap making. It is true that I tried melt and pour soap first, just to see what all the fuss was about. I was not impressed by the way M&P made my skin feel. When I added the oils that did make my skin feel good, the bar was oozing oil and did not last long at all. 


I found several tutoring videos online, to name a few of my go-to’s: Royalty Soaps, Tree Marie, Thermal Mermaid, and more! My whole family started watching soap making videos and what started before breakfast as a education before we ate, shortly became a “train wreck”…not a mess, but what I mean is that we could not keep our eyes off the videos. It started in late-June and has become part of my life. Soap is intertwined in who I am now. My husband and I were so in love with soap making that we ran to Hobby Lobby and purchased some M&P and other materials. That was not as satisfying as the “real thing.” I then scoured the internet…WOW!…what an exhaustive experience. Stuff, stuff, and more stuff everywhere!

I am not kidding when I say that it was overwhelming (that is an understatement). I saw all kinds of ingredients, additives, methods, types of soap, oils, exfoliating choices, mica powders, liquid colors, molds, fragrances, etc. Did I mention fragrances? There are millions, I think. How to choose? It’s a tough job!


Making soap was awesomely rewarding, but also challenging. I did pay attention in chemistry class, both in high school and in college, but soap making is a leap into chemical reactions and molecular bonding. AMAZING! Getting to the hemp…my husband got on the CBD bandwagon and he started taking daily doses of CDB, using CBD infused products (salves, lotions, etc.), There is a CBD/Hemp revolution happening, and we wanted to be part of it! But, how? In mid-2019 not a lot was moving for CBD and Hemp…but hope was on the horizon! The Farm Bill allowed Hemp (and CBD) to be legal. We noticed great benefits in using CBD and thought that using Hemp seed oil could not be far behind in benefits. We were correct!  I started out making soap with Hemp seed oil as a minimal player, but since have made Hemp the star of the show, so to speak. 

Hemp is in everything we do. From Hemp seed oil (in everything) to hemp seeds, hemp milk, hemp yarn, etc.  Since Hemp is becoming popular, we are able to find ingredients and supplies more readily, and that benefits both our product integrity and your ability to acquire hemp products without loss of quality and with loads of value, both monetary and in benefit to the skin. 

Please join us and start treating your skin to what it needs, craves, and desires….

Let’s Do Clean, Let’s Do Natural, Let’s Do Hemp!

Products Are Wonderful...

“Hey Heather…Just wanted you to know that I think your products are wonderful. Not only did they feel fantastic, they had a calming effect. This, coupled with the ease of pain in my joints, truly was more therapeutic than any pill I could have taken. Thank you for this miracle of nature!”

Kevin Tillman

Two Day Review

“The soap scent lasted longer than any other body wash soap that I have ever used…even the ones that state “all day” or “eight-hour scent.” Your soap beats those, it actually smells good all day long. As far as the soap itself I come out clean leaving no oils behind. Also I feel that the bar of soap will last longer than any body wash out there. I only cut a quarter piece of it and that’s what I’m using and it looks like it really hasn’t use much. But my washcloths do suds up and there’s plenty of soap on the cloth…with all your products, I smell very good, clean, smooth and moisturized . Lisa has been using the lemon bar. But she says that it does not leave a strong scent behind like the one I’m using. Which I did smell her forearm and I did not smell the lemon. But her skin was smooth.”

Benjamin and Lisa Aponte


“I use any and every bar I can get from Let’s Do Hemp. My skin has shown vast improvement from the use of your soap! I had some scaly skin on my forehead and ear lobes that was pre-cancer spots. Since I started using your soap, those spots have disappeared. Wowsers! I am a fan and customer for life!”

Max Norton

1.- Choose

Choose the soap that contains the oils and additives that will be best for your skin type. We have all types of soap, with all types of oils, exfoliants, and additives for you to choose from. Check out our blog to help you make choices.

2.- Order

After you choose the soap that you can’t live without, then you will finish your order. We will lovingly package your choices and send them straight to your door! All you have to do is wait in great anticipation.

3.- Do

This is one of the BEST parts! You get to “do” hemp! All you do is open your package, unwrap your bar, and get ready for an experience that does not compare! I’m getting excited for you!

4.- Smile

Say Cheese, or, er, uh…Say Hemp! This is when you feel your skin after you use your bar, and revel in the cleansing power of hemp!



Small batch, Artesian, Luxury Soaps.

Do Clean. Do Natural. Do Hemp.

Ready for a change?