Lilac in Bloom Whipped Soap


This bar not only tantalizes your sense of smell, but also leaves your skin feeling and smelling ahhh-mazing! The bar is light and soft as it glides across your skin leaving you fresh, clean, and soft. We added an extra layer of skin-loving oils in the form of tiny beads that release Jojoba Oil as the bar caresses your skin. Oh-la-la! NOTE: This bar is not vegan. Contains lard and coconut oil.


If Spring had a scent, this would be it! Mmmmmm, smells so good! A great floral scent without the allergies after sniffing. The description of this fragrance is, “…Lavishing lilac radiantly blossoms with beautiful buds of sweet rose and delicate lily of the valley.” Note: This bar is not vegan and contains nut oil: Coconut Oil and Lard.

Additional information

Weight 3 oz
Dimensions 3.5 × 1 × 2.5 in

White and Purple


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