Pacific Pearl Exfoliating Bar


This bar brought together many ingredients that are well-known for health and wellness in the human body, but why do we forget about the skin when these same ingredients are mentioned? The bar looks dark and mysterious, but its really just jam-packed with wholesome goodness from Mother Nature! We tried to create a bar that would focus on skin and skin improvement. The bar provides the level of clean you want by taking away what you don’t want but leaving behind all the things you love! Did we tell you that we LOVE the exfoliation this bar provides? No loofah necessary! It’s the perfect after-work, detox, get comfy, relax, did-I-just-have-a-mini-massage-in-my-shower, smell-good bar.

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The scent is fantastic, but the art and creativity behind this bar are even better! This bar leaves you smelling great and feeling, well, gu-uu-uud! This bar takes a bit of preparation, three (3) weeks to be exact! We start with calendula-infused olive oil (steeped for three (3) weeks), then bring in chia seed powder, a red-fruit and veggie powerhouse powder, calendula petals, activated charcoal, sea salt, beet juice, and aloe juice. Whew, we said a mouthful!

Additional information

Weight 5.9 oz
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 3 in

Rust/Maroon, black


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