Why Hemp? Isn’t it illegal? Hemp is special and has many benefits for our skin. The Farm Bill made sure that Hemp not illegal anymore. That means that we can all enjoy the fantastic benefits of Hemp! Hemp is not only a renewable resource, and all-natural, but it also contains essential fatty acids and other skin-loving ingredients. This article will discuss the benefits of hemp and how you can use hemp in your daily routine.

Hemp seed oil is non-comedogenic, which means that it does not clog skin pores when used. Also, hemp seed oil provides a nourishing balance to the skin that allows for moisturizing and anti-inflammation, skin-cell repair, anti-aging properties, and oil-production balancing, to name a few.

Since CBD made its way into the mainstream market, many people are experiencing the benefits of hemp. There is some skepticism about how CBD works and if it is as good for your body as claimed. Although CBD is a hemp-derived product, the hemp that is used for our soap is derived from the seed, hence, hemp seed oil or sometimes called hemp oil is the foundation of Let’s Do Hemp.

Hemp seeds are found in the buds of the hemp plant. Once the plant is ready for harvest, all parts of the plant are utilized. There are several uses for the hemp seed oil. Hemp seed oil has been used for decades for overall health and wellness. The hemp seed oil that we use is unrefined and organic. The great thing about hemp seed oil is that it is a renewable resource that does not damage the environment when grown and/or harvested, unlike palm oil, for example. Palm oil is being harvested in areas that deplete the natural habitat for Gorillas and other species. Knowing that we rely on a sustainable, natural resource makes us feel good inside, and the use of the hemp oil on our skin makes us feel good on the outside.

Hemp seed oil or hemp oil as commonly referred contains linoleic acid that is well-known in the beauty and skin world to enable skin regeneration and repair. Hemp oil also balances out the skin’s natural oil production, which alleviates many skin issues such as acne. Believe it or not most acne issues are caused by dry skin, which creates over-active oil production by the skin that creates oily skin and acne breakouts.

Hemp seeds contain omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids that remain in the oil after being cold or expeller pressed. This means that not only does hemp seed oil have amazing skin redeeming qualities, but also provides benefits to the inside of our bodies as well in the form of cardioprotective effects (lower blood pressure, improved arrhythmias and resting heart rate, and decreased risk of heart disease) when taken internally.

There are several ways that hemp seed oil is used


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